Pritty Vishy Names Seven Celebs She Can NEVER Smash,’TYPE YANGU NI STIVO’

Pritty Vishy, recently separated from Kibera rapper Stivo Simple Boy, maintains her independence and standards, as she candidly discusses her preferences in a recent interview with Mpasho. Despite her past relationship, she confidently reveals her list of Kenyan celebrities she wouldn’t consider dating or even having a casual encounter with.

Vishy unequivocally dismisses any notion of intimacy with Mulamwah, Dr. Ofweneke, KRG The Don, Ringtone, Jamal Marlow, Willy Paul, and Eric Omondi, stating her reasons with humor and conviction.

Mulamwah? “Absolutely not. Let’s not even entertain the thought.”

Dr. Ofweneke? “Nope, pass.”

KRG the Don? “Definitely not. He’s too delicate. Pass.”

Ringtone? “Who’s that? Pass, pass, pass, and pass.”

Jamal Marlow? “Oh, come on. We’re both big, where would we even fit? Pass. And no, I’m not body-shaming anyone.”

Willy Paul? “He’s drawn to drama. Pass.”

Thee Pluto? “Nope. What would we even talk about?”

When asked about her ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy, Vishy responds curtly, reflecting her current feelings towards him.

“Did you really have to bring him up? I won’t dignify that with a response; I’m still upset with him.”

In contrast, Vishy openly admits her attraction to certain celebrities, including Jalang’o, Khaligraph Jones, and Bien, citing reasons such as physical stature and appeal.

Jalang’o? “Definitely.”

Khaligraph Jones? “Absolutely, no question.”

Bien? “Yes, because he’s tall.”

However, Vishy also reveals a pragmatic side, expressing willingness to engage with Otile Brown and Harmonize due to their financial status rather than genuine attraction.

Otile Brown? “Hmm, maybe if he wasn’t so light-skinned. But his wealth? Let’s go for it. And seriously, how can a man be that light?”

Harmonize? “Nope, not for me. But his money? Maybe worth considering.”