“I Don’t Understand” Eric Omondi Baffled By His Elderly Looks When He Was Young in his 20’s

The president of comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi, finds himself perplexed by an old photograph of his younger self. The stark contrast between his current appearance and his past one has left the father of two in a state of confusion.

Expressing his bewilderment, Eric wonders aloud about the apparent aging he observes in his younger self, saying, “How come I was old when I was young, I don’t understand.”

In an effort to unravel this mystery, some of Eric’s fans suggest various theories. Some propose that his living with grandparents may have played a role, while others attribute his aged appearance to past experiences of poverty. Conversely, some fans posit that his present youthful and vibrant look is a result of his financial success.

Recently, Eric Omondi has shifted his focus from comedy to charitable endeavors, particularly aiding those in need through online fundraising initiatives. Just days ago, he took up the case of baby Dylan Calmax, who had passed away four months earlier. The mother, Christine Mbale, was unable to bury her child due to accumulating hospital bills.

Sharing the heartbreaking situation on Instagram, Eric organized a successful fundraiser, enabling the burial of baby Dylan on a Thursday. Expressing gratitude to his supporters, he updated his followers, “WE DID IT GUYS!!! There is no power like the power in UNITY!!! Ni sisi Kwa Sisi. We managed to give Baby Dylan a decent Burial 4 months after he passed. We managed to give his Mother Christine Kaluki CLOSURE and PEACE. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED!!! GOD BLESS YOU.”

Currently, Eric is involved in another case, assisting a Meru woman whose baby suffered burns from hot tea.