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Peru Police raid home of President ‘Dina Boluarte’ over her collection of luxury watches

Peru’s President Dina Boluarte found herself at the center of scrutiny as investigations into her ownership of a collection of luxurious watches unfolded. On a recent Saturday, approximately 40 police officers conducted a raid at Boluarte’s residence in Lima, the capital of Peru, as part of an ongoing inquiry into corruption allegations leveled against her.

Led by officers from the prosecutor’s office in collaboration with law enforcement, the operation unfolded in the early hours of the morning. Television broadcasts captured the moment when officers forcibly entered the premises, employing a sledgehammer to gain access. Notably, Boluarte was not present at her home during the raid. The authorization for the search and seizure stemmed from mounting questions regarding the source of funds enabling Boluarte’s acquisition of various luxury timepieces, which she had been seen wearing at numerous public events.

In response to critics questioning the legitimacy of her watch collection in relation to her official income—reported to be substantial, with a monthly salary equivalent to KSh2 million—President Boluarte defended herself, attributing the acquisition to her years of hard work since the age of 18. However, skepticism persisted, given the incongruity between her earnings as a government official and the high value of the timepieces she possessed.

Attorney General Juan Villena voiced particular criticism against Boluarte, highlighting her failure to appear in court for two consecutive weeks to provide explanations regarding the purchase of three notably expensive watches she had been seen wearing. Additionally, Boluarte faces scrutiny in the form of an asset audit spanning the past two years, aimed at identifying any irregularities in her financial holdings.

Boluarte’s ascent to power began with her appointment as vice president in July 2021, eventually culminating in her assuming the presidency in December 2022. However, the recent raid on her residence and the ensuing investigations have cast a shadow over her tenure, prompting questions about her financial affairs and raising concerns about potential corruption within the highest echelons of government.