Guy orders only a bottle of water for lady he invited on a date -

Guy orders only a bottle of water for lady he invited on a date

As hilarious as this may sound, this is the true life story of a lady who has taken to Twitter to share her amusing encounter with a supposed broke guy.

As narrated by the lady found on Twitter as Kemi, this guy invited her on a date – And as expected, she was looking forward to enjoying a sumptuous meal only to be served only a bottle of water.

According to her, the guy told her he had only 200 ksh on him hence he couldn’t order anything expensive for her aside the bottle of water.

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Out of shame and disappointment, she ordered a plate of food for herself just to avoid embarrassment which might cause drama inside the restaurant and later be used for content by social media users.

Apparently, the guy claims he only wanted to see her face since they have been talking on the phone ever since they exchanged numbers on social media and not vis-a-vis before.

Read Kemi’s worst date experience below to know more…

He told me to meet him at ICM, we talked for over 2hours, when I saw that baba wasn’t saying anything about ordering food, I said I was hungry

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He told me that he didn’t come prepared, said he only has 200 ksh on him that should he get me water. I off

Worst date experience
I got food and he was so embarrassed, he started begging me not to be offended that he just wanted to see my face, in my mind.. what happened to video call? Anyways I was eating my food and when he saw I wasn’t taking to him.. he left. I took my time and enjoyed my date alone

While at it, another guy approached me.. paid for my meals and even ordered more, we saw a movie together and he paid my Uber back home.. Told him about the previous guy and he couldn’t stop laughing, well it turned out well after all. We joke about it from time to time.

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Although, Kemi may not have reacted well but it still doesn’t excuse what the guy did!

Having said that, she should have bought food for the two of them. It’s what I would have done seeing that he decided to be vulnerable enough to open up.