Murathe Talks How Uhuru Blocked the Military From Storming Raila’s Meeting After Swearing In-VIDEO

After the 2017 elections in the country, mayhem and demonstrations reigned in Kenya for near 90 days after followers of Raila Odinga challenged election results.

As per the opposition, Uhuru Kenyatta didn’t win the presidency and larger part decried rigging. Raila called the IEBC to open the servers as proof, a move that was protested by the government.

Following this, Raila constrained for his own swearing in as the people’s president a move many regarded as a Coup. Kenyans expected the president to use his powers and have the ODM party leader jailed or hanged but that never happened.

Talking on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 former Jubilee Vice Chairman and a friend to President Uhuru David Murathe revealed what unfolded at state house during the swearing in.

Murathe claimed that Uhuru was at the time in South Africa attending a historical event when Raila was in the middle of swearing himself in. He uncovered that the Military at the time was finalizing on the tactical move they would use to invade the ongoing ceremony at Uhuru park and arrest Raila.

Uhuru ordered the Military to remain calm and allow him finish his theatrics as it would not change anything as they had proactively been sworn in alongside DP Ruto.