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‘I am not afraid, he is a polygamous man’ -woman in viral photos with Governor Wycliffe Oparanya

Mary Biketi, the woman whose photographs alongside former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya have circulated on social media, suggesting a romantic involvement, has firmly stated that she was not the source of the leak.

In an interview with local media outlets, Biketi characterized herself as a private individual and emphasized her reluctance to expose the former governor in such a manner.

She expressed her discomfort with the situation, but also conveyed gratitude for the positive feedback she has received, acknowledging the support from both the public and a higher power.

Biketi disclosed that legal measures are being pursued against the individual responsible for disseminating the photos, citing the detrimental impact on both her family and that of Governor Oparanya.

The former governor also addressed the issue on his Facebook page, confirming the authenticity of the images while condemning their unauthorized release, citing concerns for the well-being of his family.

He stressed the importance of protecting his extensive family and urged those spreading false information to cease their actions. Additionally, he clarified his recent presence in Mombasa, where he was engaging with members of his community.

Biketi further acknowledged the inevitability of the images being in the public domain and expressed resignation to the situation.

She also displayed a lack of trepidation regarding the online speculation surrounding her relationship with Oparanya, noting his known polygamous status and expressing respect for his other spouses.

In conclusion, Biketi appeared unperturbed by potential gossip, recognizing that critics will inevitably find something to discuss.