Huddah Monroe Reacts to Her “Mubabaz” Terrence Creative’s Traditional Wedding with Milly Chebby

Kenyan socialite and businesswoman, Huddah Monroe, recently shared her thoughts on the traditional wedding of popular content creator Terrence Creative and YouTuber Milly Chebby, which has sparked some controversy.

The celebrated couple, who had been in a relationship for a remarkable 11 years and even welcomed a daughter together, joyfully marked their union in a vibrant ceremony referred to as ‘Kuhoya Uhiki.’ This remarkable event unfolded in Eldoret and drew a crowd of famous celebrities, including Flaqo, Bahati, Jacky Vike, and many others.

Huddah Monroe, who had humorously called Terrence Creative her ‘mubabaz’ (sponsor) in the past, took to her Instagram account to express her happiness and well-wishes for the newlyweds. In a playful tone, she insinuated that Terrence might have decided to marry Milly because she had spent an extended period in Dubai, suggesting that he couldn’t wait any longer for her return.

In her Instagram post, Huddah Monroe playfully wrote, “My mubabaz @terencecreative decided nimekaa dubz sana. Aende akarashie! Ni wega! Gai akurathimeeee! And congrats 🎊 y’all. God bless your union @millychebby. Thanks for being the realest. We must champagne 🥂 till we drop when I touch down taxistan.”

In a humorous response to Huddah’s post, Terrence Creative agreed that she had kept him waiting for quite a while, implying that he couldn’t wait any longer and jokingly said, “Nimetoka soko, wewe pia uliniweka saana 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

The intriguing dynamic between Huddah Monroe and Terrence Creative gained public attention in February 2022 when Terrence shared a video on his Instagram account, showcasing their hangout at an outdoor party. The video depicted the two enjoying each other’s company, with Huddah Monroe playfully referring to Terrence as her sponsor, playfully hinting that he would be covering the expenses.

While this playful banter raised eyebrows at the time, it’s evident that Terrence Creative’s heart ultimately belonged to Milly Chebby, and they have now solidified their commitment to each other through their traditional wedding.

The interaction between Huddah Monroe and Terrence Creative on social media highlights the whimsical nature of celebrity relationships, which often include playful exchanges, keeping fans entertained and guessing about the twists and turns in their lives.