Drama as Teacher at Hamisi Town in Vihiga County takes a Selfie after he caught Their Pastor with his wife in Bed.

In a shocking turn of events in Hamisi town, Vihiga County, a drama unfolded as a local teacher, Samson Onyiso, discovered his wife in a compromising situation with a pastor who also worked as an electrician. The ordeal began innocently enough, as Samson had asked the pastor to assist in mounting a new 43-inch TV on their wall.

Trusting the pastor, Samson left the house for about an hour, expecting the TV to be the only thing mounted upon his return. To his utter dismay, he returned to witness the pastor mounting his wife.

Samson Onyiso’s response to this infuriating situation was not what one might expect. Overwhelmed by anger, he found himself unable to shout, scream, or confront the pastor physically. Instead, he chose an unconventional way to address the issue by taking a selfie, intending to shame the pastor in front of the community and his in-laws. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable and often bizarre ways that people react when confronted with betrayal and deceit.

This dramatic turn of events in Hamisi town highlights the power of technology in today’s society to expose wrongdoing and shame those involved. It also underscores the need for open and honest communication in relationships to prevent such distressing situations from occurring in the first place.