“Madem Wanono Huwa Faithful,” Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a reveals

Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a, a prominent figure in the Christian Foundation Fellowship Churches, has become a controversial preacher in Kenya, fearlessly addressing topics that are often discussed in hushed tones.

One recent incident that caused a stir on social media was when Ng’ang’a claimed that curvaceous ladies rarely cheat on their partners. According to him, these women know how to nurture their relationships, unlike their slimmer counterparts.

During a congregation gathering, the Bishop also urged men to consult their wives before giving money to friends and relatives. He emphasized that the wives have a rightful stake in their husbands’ wealth, stating, “When someone, like your sister, comes asking for KSh 20k, tell them the money belongs to both of us, me and my wife,” said Pastor Harrison Ng’ang’a.

He stressed that wise men should not make financial decisions unilaterally. Instead, they should discuss with their wives and reach an agreement before giving out money. By doing so, they reinforce the notion of unity in their marriage and avoid creating unnecessary tensions.

In addition to financial matters, the preacher warned men against allowing family members to interfere in their marriages through unnecessary borrowings. He emphasized the importance of taking action and protecting their marriages from external influences.

Ng’ang’a also encouraged men to give their wives undivided attention when they return home from work. He stressed the significance of actively listening to their wives and engaging in meaningful conversations, rather than being passive or preoccupied with other distractions like television.

The preacher acknowledged that women appreciate being heard and understood. He shared his personal practice of devoting time to listen to his own wife until late hours at times, emphasizing the need for one hour of dedicated listening to one’s wife every day.

In conclusion, Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a has made headlines with his outspoken approach to addressing various issues. From discussing the behavior of women to providing marital advice, he continues to be a prominent and somewhat controversial figure in Kenya’s religious landscape.