"He Slept With Our Daughter & Gave Her my Family Planning Pills", Lady Narrates Her Husband's 'Evils'

“He Slept With Our Daughter & Gave Her my Family Planning Pills”, Lady Narrates Her Husband’s ‘Evils’

A lady has narrated her difficult experience after her better half did the unexpected to their little girl when she was away. Njeri couldn’t hold her tears as she narrates the story. Njeri said that she had left her home to bury her brother had she left behind her daughter with her husband.

Her husband of ten years then, decided to rape her girl and afterward gave her Njeri’s family planning pills. Njeri had left the daughter with her other children. In the pivotal day that the minor was assaulted, the dad had sent the other siblings to a nearby shopping centre before forcing himself to the girl. The assaulted girl was not a biological daughter of Njeri’s husband.

“That particular day, he sent the other girls from the house, sending them to a nearby shopping centre. He then turned to the elder daughter, forced himself on her and also forced to take her mother’s family planning pills!”, said Njeri in in deep pain.

Njeri revealed that she has attempted to commit suicide multiple times with every one of the attempts failing. She was saved from death by her 3 year old child the last time she attempted to end it all after he begged her not to do so.