‘Hatupangwingwi’ is not Hate Speech: Lawyers Lobby Group Moves to Court -

‘Hatupangwingwi’ is not Hate Speech: Lawyers Lobby Group Moves to Court

The move by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to order the famous slag ‘Hatupangwingi’ as hate speech has been challenged in court.

Chama cha Mawakili believes the court should stop NCIC from carrying out the directive that characterized ‘hatupangwingwi’ and ‘watajua hawajui’ as hate terms.

As indicated by the legal counselors’ contested words are regularly used by Kenyans and there’s no justification for forbidding their use.

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The solicitors contend that the move by NCIC is an infringement of freedom of expression.

“The process leading to the decision by NCIC is flawed and unconstitutional. It amounts to abuse of power by the commissions,” read the court documents.

Chama Cha Mawakili says the most common way of characterizing or naming words as hate should not be misused or used as an avenue to dole out political retributions in the guise of empowering cohesion and integration.