vera sidika welcomes baby Boy -

vera sidika welcomes baby Boy

It has been reported that socialite Vera Sidika has given birth to a baby boy. The news broke shortly after she shared the details of her second child’s gender reveal, which took the internet by storm. According to Mpasho, during the screening party of the third episode of the RHONairobi reality show series, her fellow housewife Lisa let it slip that Vera had given birth to a son.

Vera had already revealed on Instagram that she was expecting a boy and had shared various classy details of the pregnancy journey, including being picked up by a limousine, a stylish outdoor decor, and popping expensive champagne during the gender reveal. The reveal itself was done in a unique and different way using a chopper.

Vera’s pregnancy had been a topic of controversy, with many speculating that she was just clout chasing. However, the mother of two revealed that her daughter had inadvertently suggested that she was pregnant, but they thought it was just a myth. Vera said her daughter licked her toes, a sign believed to indicate that the mother is pregnant.

Unlike her first pregnancy with her daughter Princess Asia Brown, Vera did not flaunt her baby bump this time, stating that she was too busy working on the reality show series. Vera had always loved children, but the pain of labor had kept her from having a child until she discovered a painless treatment, which she used for both pregnancies.

For her second delivery, Vera had opted for another painless procedure and was willing to spend as much as she did with Asia to make it happen. She paid for a private doctor who came with a private team to ensure a painless delivery.

It is likely that Vera will reveal the news of her baby’s birth on the reality show series.