Kenya Public Servants Warned Against Operating Alcoholic Businesses or Lose Their Jobs

Narok County Commissioner, Kipkech Lotiatia, has issued a stern warning to public servants engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages, cautioning them about the potential jeopardy to their employment status.

Lotiatia emphasized the heightened efforts of security personnel in combating illicit brewing, stressing the pivotal role of public servants in this endeavor.

“How can individuals entrusted with public service, expected to set a positive example for the community, also operate establishments selling alcohol? They must decide between retaining their positions or engaging in such businesses,” he emphasized.

These remarks came in the wake of a crackdown on illicit brews and second-generation alcohol at Majengo estate, resulting in the arrest of three individuals and the destruction of 10 liters each of Busaa and Chang’aa.

The apprehended individuals, found consuming suspected second-generation alcohol, have been detained at Narok Police Station pending court proceedings.

Lotiatia further disclosed that all vehicles traversing the county’s roads were undergoing inspection to prevent the transportation of illicit brews.

Expressing concern over a new trend wherein liquor industry operators have shifted their businesses to private residential premises, making detection by security agencies more challenging, Lotiatia assured the implementation of more sophisticated intelligence methods to apprehend such individuals.

Conversely, the Commissioner commended operators who voluntarily shuttered unlicensed businesses, opting for lawful alternatives.

“We acknowledge those transitioning to legitimate ventures that promise better returns. We encourage others engaged in illegal activities to follow suit and pursue lawful means of livelihood,” he stated.

This rigorous crackdown follows a directive from Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kidiki, urging the security apparatus to intensify efforts in curbing illegal drinking establishments.