How Kenyan Singer Sofia Nzau Has Made Ksh.70 Million From Her Hitsong ‘ Mwaki’.

‘Mwaki’ is a Kenyan song that catapulted the nation to global recognition. This hit song, appreciated worldwide, is comparable to “Despacito,” which united listeners across the globe. Similarly, “Mwaki” by Sofia Nzau achieved the same feat.

Zerb played a significant role in making “Mwaki” go viral. Using instrumentals he found online, Kenyans recognized them as part of “Mwaki” and demanded acknowledgment. This collaboration between Sofia Nzau and Zerb resulted in the creation of this remarkable masterpiece.

Kenyan producer Odzz highlighted how “Mwaki” has transformed Sofia Nzau’s life, earning her millions. The song’s success on Spotify, with over 100 million streams, has been financially substantial. Odzz estimates that Sofia and Zerb have made between Ksh. 70 million and Ksh. 100 million from Spotify alone.

However, both artists are under record labels, which typically take up to 60% of the income to fund various activities, potentially reducing the amount Sofia and Zerb received.

It’s important to note that this revenue only accounts for Spotify. Additional earnings from other streaming platforms like YouTube, Boomplay, and radio plays likely push their total earnings over Ksh. 100 million. This success is well-deserved, as “Mwaki” is truly a monumental piece of music.