Trisha Khalid Opens Up on Dating ex Governor Hassan Joho

Similar to numerous other public figures, Kenyan actress Trisha Khalid has found her personal life under intense scrutiny and entangled in controversies.

Since attaining fame, Trisha has grappled with the proliferation of contentious stories circulating on social media about her life.

Recently, she found herself compelled to address rumors surrounding her alleged romantic involvement with the former Mombasa County governor, Hassan Joho. In response, Trisha openly acknowledged that she wouldn’t mind dating the highly sought-after politician.

However, the 29-year-old firmly asserted that she has never shared an intimate moment with Hassan Joho.

Reflecting on the bizarre rumors, Trisha shared, “One of the oddest rumors I’ve ever heard about myself was that I was dating former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. To this day, I have never understood how someone could invent such untrue stories without bothering to verify. That honestly shocked me.”

Additionally, the TikTok star disclosed her openness to dating a married man, commonly referred to as a sponsor. According to her, Islamic teachings permit men to marry up to four wives, and she sees nothing wrong with this practice.

“My perspective on dating married men has never wavered. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m a Muslim, and according to our teachings, it’s halal for a man to marry up to four wives, and there is a good reason for that,” she explained.

In a previous incident, Trisha Khalid stirred up controversy on social media when she advised young girls not to dismiss the idea of dating sponsors. During an interview, she openly admitted to having dated a sponsor and urged girls in such relationships to invest wisely. Trisha emphasized that sponsors typically seek fleeting pleasure, and girls should leverage the financial resources acquired to secure their future.

Addressing another rumor, Trisha Khalid confronted speculation that her physique, particularly her “Nyash” (buttocks), was artificially enhanced through surgery. Dismissing these claims, she asserted that her figure is entirely natural.

“My Nyash is real. I wish you could see my mom,” she affirmed.

Currently, Trisha Khalid is actively involved in the Telenovela ‘BECKY’ on Citizen TV.