Kenya National Construction Authority Orders Cessation Of Works Over Flood Risks in the Country

The Executive Director of the National Construction Authority (NCA), Maurice Akech, has issued a directive to cease all new construction activities in response to the recent flooding across the country.

Akech emphasized the need to halt new construction projects, particularly those involving excavations or located near water bodies. He highlighted the inherent dangers of excavating in moist conditions, citing the risk of structural failure leading to the burial or injury of workers.

The ongoing heavy rainfall, forecasted to persist throughout the month according to the Kenya Meteorological Department, has caused extensive damage nationwide. Reports of floods and landslides have resulted in numerous casualties and widespread destruction.

Akech further warned about the increased vulnerability of temporary structures, such as scaffolding, during these extreme weather conditions, which could collapse and endanger workers.

The government’s latest reports indicate a death toll of 210 attributed to the flooding, with tens of thousands displaced and significant property damage amounting to millions of shillings.