Do you remember Machangi , Where is he now? -
Do you remember Machangi 'Mansolo Papa', Where is he now?

Do you remember Machangi , Where is he now?

Do you remember comedian Machangi? ‘Man Solo Papa’ the veteran comedian has for some years maintained a low profile.Low key to an extent that very little is known about his life and family.

Machangi is praised as a pioneers of Kikuyu Comedy, him and the likes of kihenjo have managed to remain so relevant till today ‘Hit after hit’. He even worked at Kameme FM on an evening show called Humuka with the famous PM Squared.

After Peninah, alias PM2 retirement some years back the humorist comedian also left radio leaving his vans hanging.

Man solo papa has maintained what we can only call a low profile to date. He is never active on social media nor is he releasing any new films.

Before leaving Kameme, Machangi was a family man and possibly he is now focusing more on personal growth and his family.

Machangi and Peninah shared an incredible bond and humor that saw them stay relevant for a decade.

His witty his humor saw him remain relevant in every house hold in the central region, bringing him numerous awards.

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