Diamond Claims Hamisa Mobetto Child Is Not His (Video) -

Diamond Claims Hamisa Mobetto Child Is Not His (Video)

Diamond Platnumz, a Tanzanian musician, has cast doubt on the paternity of his son Dylan, whom he shares with Hamisa Mobetto. In a video shared by Tanzanian blogger Zumaudako, Diamond expresses uncertainty about being Dylan’s father. Despite this, Diamond has said that he will continue to support the child. The singer recently posted a video on his Instagram story stating that he has been providing support for a child who is not biologically his. Diamond has reportedly requested a second DNA test with the child outside of Tanzania.

This is not the first time the paternity of Dylan has been questioned. Hamisa is the only baby mama Diamond has been forced to pay child support for, with the musician paying 250k monthly in child support for Dylan in 2018. Since then, Diamond and Hamisa’s relationship has been cold and perfunctory, and this has affected the relationship between Diamond and Dylan.

Diamond has always treated Hamisa coldly, implying that she trapped him into fatherhood. Hamisa shares a child with Diamond whom they had together while Diamond was in a relationship with Zari the Boss Lady. Zari revealed on the Netflix show Young African And Famous that she left Diamond because of his unfaithfulness and contempt towards her, with Hamisa being one of the women he cheated with.

Diamond moved on to Tanasha Donna, with whom he had a son called Naseeb. However, their relationship ended, with Tanasha blaming Diamond for giving up on the relationship under his mother’s influence. This breakup seemed to bring Hamisa and Tanasha closer, with the two baby mamas becoming best friends and business partners. They even had a girl’s date while Hamisa was visiting Kenya.

However, netizens have noticed that the baby mamas club is not complete without Zari. It is said that Tanasha and Zari do not see eye to eye, even though they were once friends.