“Diamond ananisumbua SANA pale DM,” Rapper Wanja Wa Kihii disses several artists

Kenyan emerging rapper Wanja Wa Kihii has stirred up a buzz on social media with the release of her latest track, in which she has taken aim at several prominent figures within the entertainment industry.

In the widely circulated music video, Wanja confidently extols her own rap skills, boldly declaring herself the premier Kenyan rapper. In a bold move, she directs her lyrical shots at the seasoned rapper Khaligraph Jones, contending that he lacks genuine talent and humorously suggesting that he should consider a career as a bouncer.

“Let’s pay a visit to Khaligraph Jones. Bro, your verses are flat, hit the gym, become a bouncer. My speed is unmatchable. You might need to play this track in slow motion.”

Wanja doesn’t stop there; she sends a message to Mejja through Khaligraph, asserting her belief in her superior talent. Turning her attention to Bahati, Wanja accuses him of abandoning music in favor of promoting maize flour, characterizing his artistic prowess as feeble.

Wanja also takes a moment to address Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, dismissing any romantic interest he may have in her. She humorously suggests that Diamond should leave her alone in her DMs and join his fellow “Simba” artists in the wilderness.

“And as for Diamond, let him be informed. I don’t want any of his antics. Let him go and join his fellow lions in the wild.”

Surprisingly, Wanja Wa Kihii expresses her willingness to collaborate with Zari, although she casts doubt on whether the socialite can afford her services, playfully implying that it might take Zari 15 years to reach her level.

The video rapidly gained traction on social media, sparking a variety of reactions from netizens. Some criticized her for disrespecting industry heavyweights, while others praised her for her unique approach and humor.

“Welcome to Kenya, the best psychiatric hospital. There’s someone somewhere who understands her. The world has no shortage of surprises.”

“Nonsense, let’s hide this for the day Kenya and Tanzania have a music challenge; they might use it against us.”

“This is pure talent. The humor in the song is just priceless!”

“She might just represent Kenya well internationally.”

“You’ve got a unique talent; just keep it hidden.”

“Kenya’s headache is its love for you… When did music reach this level? Anyway, she’s beautiful.” 😍