I set-up a bakery business and this is how I was able to rise above the competitors who were laughing at me

My name is Cynthia and I had always wanted to be a professional baker because I had a great passion in baking since my days as a little girl. I was unable to study bakery in my college education since my parents thought it was a course for the stupid people who did not love education.

I studied Business Administration and after I got out of campus, I got a job at a real estate firm. I did not like that job but I did it so that I could save enough money and pursue my passion of baking. A year later, I got enough money and I therefore quit the job and began my own cake shop. business woman holding digital tablet smiling - black woman happy stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

However, many bakeries were already in my hometown and getting customers was really a challenge. In two months’, time, I was getting frustrated since all my savings were dwindling and I was barely selling even a cake a month.

I was also getting distressed because my competitors were laughing at me many saying that I would never reach where they were since they had more customers than me.

One day, in bitterness, I decided to close down the shop since I was not making any sales and I was becoming poorer. I called my mum and told her I had decided to forego my passion since nothing was working out and my competitors had made me their laughing stock.

“My daughter, do not lose hope. There is a traditional herbalist I know who can make you get more customers and ashame those who are laughing at you,” my mother told me.

I felt hope reviving in me again and my mother gave me Doctor Mugwenu’s number where I called him and we scheduled a meeting a day after. On meeting him, the doctor was so comforting and he performed spells of getting more customers than my rivals. young black woman standing with her arms crossed, laughing looking at the camera wearing casual clothing with copy space stock photo - black woman happy stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

In less than a week of meeting Doctor Mugwenu, my bakery was overflowing with customers who were all praising my cakes. Now, as I write this, I just opened two other shops in the town in order to accommodate all the loyal customers who have been coming to my shop. Doctor Mugwenu was the savior of my shop and I am forever grateful to him for making my passion become a reality.

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