Please help Me, Ladies Don’t Want to Date me because I have Big Cucumber

In a recent interview on the candid talk show hosted by Sly on Reyo TV’s YouTube channel, a Kenyan university student opened up about a personal issue that has been affecting his dating life. Choosing to remain anonymous and not disclose his university, the young man sought advice and understanding from the public regarding a rather unconventional predicament – his well-endowed anatomy.

Reflecting on his upbringing, the student initially believed that having a generously sized genital organ was an advantage for men. However, upon entering university and engaging in relationships, he encountered an unexpected hurdle. Despite his initial perceptions, his above-average physical attributes became a source of difficulty in his romantic pursuits.

The student shared that he faced repeated rejections from women he dated, with many choosing to end the relationships due to the size of his intimate anatomy. His longest relationship lasted a mere three weeks, and he expressed the emotional toll it took on him. During intimate encounters, the women often experienced discomfort, leading to their decisions to part ways with him or express their inability to handle the situation.

This challenging situation has had a profound impact on the young man’s self-esteem and mental well-being. He candidly admitted to feeling unlucky in love and acknowledged the fear that has developed when contemplating dating. Despite his strong desire for a meaningful relationship, the size of his genitalia has become a constant source of anxiety.

The student’s decision to share his story reflects his plea for understanding and support from others who may have faced or can relate to unique challenges in the realm of relationships. As he navigates this aspect of his personal life, he hopes for empathy and guidance to overcome the emotional struggles associated with his physical endowment.