Exposed: How Nairobi Ladies are  Being Paid Millions of Money By Nigerians For Rosecoco Services.

Nigerian men have gained significant influence among Nairobi women, particularly those in the sex industry, by offering substantial financial incentives for intimate services.

What is transpiring in Kenya mirrors the actions of these same Nigerian men in Dubai several years ago, prompting the UAE to cancel the passports of some individuals involved.

Neighborhoods such as Roysambu, Mirema, Kilimani, and South C in Nairobi have become strongholds for Nigerian men, who are often associated with wealth and, on numerous occasions, implicated in illicit activities like drug trafficking, leading to substantial financial gains.

These men entice young and attractive Nairobi women with financial allure, using them according to their desires. There have been accusations of drug usage and promiscuity among these Nigerian men.

Despite the negative reputation surrounding these individuals, high-end Nairobi prostitutes continue to be drawn to them. The allure lies in the generous financial rewards and extravagant gifts bestowed upon them by the Nigerians.

An example is a high-end prostitute, identified as ‘Mary,’ residing in a luxurious Kilimani apartment. She disclosed that, under the pseudonym, she has amassed over Ksh. 20 Million within a span of two years solely from transactions with Nigerian men.

Mary attributes this business to a transformative force in her life, allowing her to support her siblings’ education, construct a mansion for her mother in the village, invest in rental properties, and now drive her own Mercedes Benz E Class.

Narrating her experience, Mary mentioned that the highest payment she received from a Nigerian man for a single night’s service was Ksh. 250,000. She chose this profession after facing multiple job rejections despite holding a diploma.

Mary’s success is emblematic of Nairobi women who have achieved millionaire status through transactions with wealthy Nigerians. While this is not an endorsement of such activities, some women view it as a pragmatic choice, with wise individuals reaping benefits while others face significant hardships.