UHURU puts Judiciary on notice for stopping RAILA’s BBI reggae -
Why Raila is angry with Uhuru over BBI for bring key allies on board

UHURU puts Judiciary on notice for stopping RAILA’s BBI reggae

President Uhuru Kenyatta utilized the Madaraka Day celebrations to revisit 2017 Supreme Court ruling that nullified his victory in a bid to blast the whole Judiciary.

In what could deteriorate the already bad relationship between the Judiciary and the Executive, Uhuru condemned the Judiciary over the new decision that declared the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), which he and ODM Leader Raila Odinga, were pushing, as unlawful, null and void.

As indicated by him, the new judgment is against the people’s will, diminished their power, and stifled efforts to fix ills that have bothered the country for long.

“From nullification of a presidential election in 2017 to an attempt to stop the will of the people as expressed through BBI, the Judiciary has tested our constitutional limits,” the President said.

He claimed that the Judiciary has not thought about the actual intent of the law, thus settling on choices whose effects are dire for ‘wanjiku’.

“Their decisions must consider the letter of the law, but fundamentally the spirit of the law must also guide them. And I say so because the spirit of the law is the light that will illuminate the burden of the choices they make,” he added.

Uhuru claims BBI was meant to bring political stability to the country by, creating inclusive politics, and ending ethnic majoritarianism that have stagnated the country’s progress.

“If the court had subjected its decision to stop BBI to a cost-benefit analysis, in other words, if it had considered the burden of choice, then, these are the questions the Judiciary would have asked:

“If we are in a constitutional moment, is a decision against the BBI a decision in support of the status quo?” he posed.

“If BBI were to be stopped, who carries the burden of choice? On whose shoulders will ethnic majoritarianism rest?”

“And who will carry the burden of losing 30 percent of our national budget every five years due to the toxic politics that BBI seeks to resolve?” he further asked.