Bungoma 'Jesus' Only two Nairobi residents will make it to Heaven -

Bungoma ‘Jesus’ Only two Nairobi residents will make it to Heaven

A religious leader in Bungoma, known as Mwalimu Yesu wa Thangole, has gained a large following of believers who believe that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He leads a church and claims that God gave him the name before instructing him to spread the gospel. In an interview, he stated his mission to share the word of God not only in Kenya but globally.

Mwalimu Yesu has twelve disciples, similar to the twelve apostles in the Bible, who emulate the descendants of Jacob from Reuben to Benjamin. One of the disciples, Naftar, claims to have had a vision from God in 2017 where visitors from Rwanda would come as proof of Jesus’ existence. Naftar says God instructed him on how to prepare for the visitors’ arrival.

During private sessions with his disciples, Mwalimu Yesu reads from scripture while his disciples kneel and worship him. They wear similar robes that cover their entire body and remove their shoes before repenting their sins in one of his two churches. One of the churches is made of mud, while the other is made of concrete.

However, Mwalimu Yesu’s marriage and children have caused skepticism among some members of the public who argue that Jesus in the Bible was not married. In defense, Mwalimu Yesu cites Revelations 21:9 as permission to marry and have children.

Despite the criticism, Mwalimu Yesu’s wife attests to the healings and miracles that take place in their church. People who were close to death were allegedly healed by Jesus through Mwalimu Yesu.