6 Teachers arrested for making students practice mock s#x

Six teachers from Kisii County have been taken into custody following a disturbing video that has gone viral on social media. The video shows school children being subjected to an inappropriate act. The five female teachers and one male teacher, Everline Moraa, Gladys Kenyanya, Angelicia Joseph, Moraa Nyairo, Cathrine Mokaya, and William Isoka, were arrested after officials from the Ministry of Education visited Itumbe DOK Primary School in Nyamache.

The Nyamache OCPD, Kipkulei Kipkemboi, confirmed the arrest and stated that the incident took place at the school in Nyamache. The officials from the Ministry of Education were tipped off about the video and immediately took action.

In the video, young boys in school uniforms were made to engage in an indecent act by their teachers, who can be heard laughing in the background. The video has caused widespread outrage and public outcry.

The six teachers are being interrogated at the Nyamache Police Station and are awaiting arraignment.