I didn’t think Kenya would be more corrupt than Nigeria: Why Dangote Dropped Plans To Set Up Multi-Billion Plant In Kenya

Why Dangote Dropped Plans To Invest In Kenya: “I Didn’t Expect Kenya Would Be Corrupt Than Nigeria”

The disclosure was exposed by celebrated media personality Jeff Koinange whohad a private discussion with the Nigerian billionaire when attending his daughters wedding in Nigeria .

Dangote said he was shocked to discover that “Kenya was more corrupt than Nigeria.”

“I asked him, ‘Al Hajj when are you coming back to Kenya?’ and he said ‘Jeff, there are people in that place (Kenya) who put greed and personal interest ahead of national interest. I didn’t think Kenya would be more corrupt that Nigeria,” Koinange narrated on his morning show on a local FM station.

Dangote was part of a high group of 50 Nigerian businessmen that visited kenya in 2013 to discuss about investing in Kenya.

It was accounted for that he had plans to set up a cement manufacturing plant in Kenya, assessed to be worth Sh100 billion. Nothing has happened since, amid reports that he had a change of heart and relocated the project to Ethiopia and Zambia.

Dangote is positioned as Africa’s richest man with absolute assest worth Sh1.37 trillion ($13.6 billion).