4 Tycoons Who Own Private Islands in Kenya -

4 Tycoons Who Own Private Islands in Kenya

For years, Kenya has been a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its magnificent safari experiences and beautiful coastal destinations. As a result, tourism has been a significant contributor to the government’s foreign exchange earnings and a source of income for many people. However, for a select few, just staying in a hotel wasn’t enough. These four tycoons, with their vast wealth, decided to take things to the next level by acquiring or leasing entire islands for development and creating exclusive resorts.

  1. Carol Otieno – Kigamboni Island

Carol Otieno’s passion for the mangroves on Kigamboni Island began during her vacations to Funzi Island. In an interview, she shared that she fell in love with the island and decided to purchase it for Ksh6 million. She then built a luxurious five-bedroom lodge on the property and committed to conserving the mangroves for their tranquil atmosphere.

  1. Alessandro Torriani – Funzi Islands

Alessandro Torriani, a tycoon from Italy, has had a controversial history in the Coastal region, where he once owned a cluster of Funzi Islands and operated a resort. However, after cutting down the indigenous mangrove trees, he was involved in legal battles with the government and ultimately lost some of the islands. In July 2021, the Supreme Court upheld a decision to repossess the land where his resort was located, which was valued at over Ksh200 million.

  1. MP Olago Aluoch – Maboko Island

John Olago Aluoch, the Kisumu West MP, is a wealthy politician who owns the Ksh500 million Maboko Island in Lake Victoria.

The 5-acre island is located off the Seme area and is equipped with a helipad for guest transportation. Aluoch is often seen personally piloting the powerboat to the island, which has three self-contained suites at its center.

  1. Hassan Shapi – Kinazini Island

Hassan Shapi, known for his minor roles in movies such as Star Wars and James Bond, found success in Kenya’s tourism industry with his Kinazini Island.

He rents the entire island, which has been leased to him by the government, and operates a restaurant that serves as the only property on the island. Shapi is committed to preserving the environment, ensuring that non-biodegradable waste is disposed of properly and not touching the mangrove forests.

In conclusion, these four tycoons have taken advantage of Kenya’s popularity as a tourist destination and turned it into lucrative businesses by acquiring or leasing private islands and developing them into exclusive resorts.