Martin wa Janet almost Killed me & Took Away our Kids -

Martin wa Janet almost Killed me & Took Away our Kids

Akorino gospel artist Martin wa Janet and his ex Ruth wa Mum are entangled in a horrendous online battle over the custody of their children and the events that preceded their separation.

Martin remarried only days after the separation from Ruth and has been staying with their two sons.

Ruth asserts that he has declined him access to the children aged three and nine years.

She accuses the Kameme TV current wife of controlling him.

“That woman who replaced me is very evil. She has been soiling my name and even advising my ex-husband that I should not see my kids,” she claimed.

Addressing various online platforms, Ruth claimed that she suffered domestic violence , adding that he was adulterous

“He used to beat and insult me every time. I remember there was a time when almost killed me. That man is a beast. He also slept with our house help, some of my friends, and many other women.”

On one occasion she fled for days, yet when she returned, another lady in their marital home.

She claims that she tried to take the children away, but was told that their father and foster mother would take care of them.

“I did all efforts to get my children, but since he is well connected, I didn’t get justice. I tried to be visiting them in school, but the teachers were told that I should not have access to them because I am a madwoman,” she stated.

As per Martin, his former spouse abandoned the youngsters and is simply attempting to get public sympathy.

Before, Martin is on record alluding to himself as a “single parent”.