Betty: Meet the Kibera Lady Content Creator Showing Women How to Take a Shower

As unemployment rises in Kenya, many are turning to creative outlets to stay productive.

One standout is Betty, a content creator from Kibera, Nairobi, who uses her platform to offer practical advice, including unique showering tips for women.

Betty’s videos, often filmed in the heart of Kibera, have gained widespread attention.

In one viral video, she demonstrates her outdoor bathing routine, dressed in a white bra and panties.

Filmed against the backdrop of Kibera’s iconic mud houses, Betty explains her preference for showering outside.

“Today, I am going to do an outdoor shower. This is something I always do daily, and I thought, why not? We have one bathroom, but most of the time I bathe outside. It’s been my routine since high school, where I just loved being in the sunshine,” she narrates, pointing out a makeshift clothesline and a non-functioning outdoor tap.

Reactions to her video have been varied.

Cleophas Mato expressed frustration with the country’s situation, suggesting, “Kenya should be sold; kila mtu apate share yake tufunge hii kiosk yetu ya madness.”

Meanwhile, Aketch Andrew praised the economic contributions of Kibera, noting, “Kibera is creating more jobs for Kenyans, leave alone the tourists that are taken there each time they come to Kenya.”

Betty’s videos not only entertain but also provide practical advice and a window into her life, underscoring the creativity and resilience of Kibera’s community.