From Hawking Mtumba in Kenya to Making Millions From Music:  Biography of Jacob Obunga alias(Otile Brown).

Otile Brown is a Swahili Rnb singer in Kenya, who has been dominating the Kenyan music industry for the past 7 years as at 2024. Kenyans refer to him as a song bird, however what most people don’t know is his journey to success, and how he had to go through thick and thin to make it in the music industry.

Family Background

The Swahili singer was born as Jacob Obunga to his parents in Kisumu, Nyanza region in 1988. His family later moved to Mikindani, Mombasa where he attended his school. Unfortunately, Jacob lost his parents at the age of 14 leaving him under the care of his siblings.


Otile Brown attended primary school at Mikindani area, and later moved to secondary school, after completing form four, the singer decided to start hustling, because he was from a humble background, and he was under the care of his late grandmother who couldn’t manage to help him further his education.

Singing Career.

Otile Brown started singing at the age of 15 years, however it took him time to make it in the music industry. That period, let’s talk of the 2014 error, the radio were the ones determining whether your songs will go viral or not.
For this reason, Otile Brown had released some songs, he decided to move to Nairobi with intention of meeting Mzazi Tuva so that he can give him his CD, but that failed several times.

The hustle in Nairobi/ Selling Mtumba.

While in Nairobi, Otile had to do anything to survive, he wasn’t ready to go back to Mombasa because he left  home to change home. The musician decided to become a Mtumba hawker at Kenya National theatre. This was the period between 2015and 2017.
He used to sell “Camera mtumba’s” for celebrities who were at Kenya National Theatre, his main aim was to one day meet Jalang’o. He did this for a while and anytime he could get a chance he used to perform at the theatre.

From Hawking Mtumba to Making Millions From Music:  Biography of Jacob Obunga(Otile Brown).
From Hawking Mtumba to Making Millions From Music:  Biography of Jacob Obunga(Otile Brown).

Meeting Jalang’o and His Breakthrough.

In the period of hustling, Otile Brown met Jalang’o who decided to change his life. Jalang’o connected him to Dr Eddie, who signed him under dreamland music production. Jalang’o was even the one who funded his first song, and helped him with even basic things.

In 2016, ‘Alivyonipenda’ was released, it was a song of Otile Brown featuring Kingkaka. This was a game changer, and this was the breakthrough song of Otile Brown. It was received with much love, got alot of airplays and that is how his life started changing.

Otile Brown started releasing bangers under dreamland production, he released very huge bangers that  gave him a good catalogue of performing. Songs such as Mapenzi hisia, Wembe featuring Timmy Tdat, Imaginary love featuring Khaligraph Jones. Basi, Pakate, Dejavu, all were under the leadership of Dr Eddie.

He started getting shows, and started branding himself , hence rising to the level of becoming a top star in Kenya.

How Dating Vera Sidika Changed His Life.

In 2018 after confirming his relationship with Veta Sidika who was already a celebrity not only in Kenya but in Africa, Otile Brown gained more fame and his numbers on social media boomed.
In an interview with Obinna, Otile accepted that Vera Sidika indeed changed his life. With huge numbers he started getting deals and his songs started getting millions of views.

Making millions from music and Lavish lifestyle.

Even after breaking up with Vera, it is evident that Otile gained alot, Since 2019, his ratecard raised and he even started getting shows outside kenya earning millions of money.

He moved to a lavish house and started driving expensive cars, such as Mercedes Benz S class. Period between 2020 to 2024, was a period of success.

He got to collaborate with Alikiba , Jux , Harmonize and dropped bangers. Without forgetting Chaguo la Moyo featuring Sanaipei Tande which came before the collaboration. Dusuma featuring meddy during the COVID19  period was also a hit song. Several collaboration with Jovial.

The catalogue is long and this made him a top artist in Kenya, getting millions of views, and even secured a Ksh.15 million deal with a famous phone company, and used the money to buy a Rangerover.
As at 2024, Otile is still topping the chats, and he is among the kenyan musicians who are living a lavish lifestyle and have a high ratecard , he never lacks shows both locally and internationally.