Angry Residents in Ngito sublocation Use Chief’s Motorbike In Village Demos

Residents of Ngito sublocation have taken action by confiscating the government-issued motorbike belonging to their assistant chief amidst protests concerning his neglect of official duties. The villagers are advocating for the official’s removal from his responsibilities due to his poor work ethics.

In their demonstration, the citizens have blockaded key roads within the neighborhood, resulting in traffic disruptions and adverse effects on local businesses. A resident of the Ngito area informed Wananchi Reporting that the situation was escalating, prompting intervention from the police stationed at Mulot.

The protesters are calling for transparency within local government offices, seeking accountability for their grievances. Mulot Assistant County Commissioner, James Nderitu, addressed the demonstrators, expressing his commitment to swiftly resolving the issue.

“I urge you to permit me to collaborate with your local leaders to address all your concerns,” stated Nderitu.

He further assured the protesters that the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government would investigate the allegations and take appropriate actions.