Congolese Suspect In Ksh.13M Gold Scam Arrested Sneaking Back into Kenya

A Congolese national implicated in a Ksh.13 million gold scam was apprehended on Wednesday while attempting to cross into Kenya via the Busia border.

According to a statement from the DCI, Puati Poba Dally, aged 35, was taken into custody by immigration authorities following a stop order issued in September 2023, subsequent to a complaint lodged at the Operations Support Unit offices in Nairobi.

Puati, along with his accomplices, orchestrated the swindle of millions from a gold merchant in Ghana by promising to supply him with gold for sale in the United Arab Emirates.

The victim’s ordeal began when he encountered Puati at a hotel in Ghana. Puati presented himself as Osuman from Nigeria conducting business in Ghana but with residential and business addresses in Uganda.

Subsequently, Puati assured the victim of introducing him to Ugandan dealers who could facilitate the sale of the gold in Dubai. On August 1, 2023, the victim traveled to Uganda, where Puati introduced him to brothers Ben and Hassan, purported dealers.

During this encounter, the victim was defrauded of Ksh. 10.7 million by the trio under the guise of providing documentation for 10 kg of gold, certificates of non-criminality, melting services, and taxation. The agreed price of USD 33,000 per kilogram of gold was to be settled upon delivery in Dubai.

Distraught by the turn of events, the victim’s distress caught the attention of the DCI OSU team at JKIA as he erupted into uncontrollable screams and wails during takeoff. Subsequently removed from the aircraft, he provided an account of the events, triggering the pursuit of the suspects.