Angie ! Boutross Reveals He Can’t Date Broke Girls Even His “Pick Up Girls” Must Have Money

Rapper Boutross Munene, popularly known as “Shrap,” showcased his enduring talent at the Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda, garnering positive reception for his musical prowess.

Renowned for his candid approach to various subjects, Boutross Munene, in a recent interview with Plugtv, shared his perspective on dating financially unstable women, expressing his firm stance against it. He questioned the irony of a woman proclaiming an unwillingness to date a financially challenged man while being in a similar situation herself.

This sentiment resonates with many Kenyan men who find it offensive when women consistently label them as financially lacking and, in turn, opt to date older, wealthier men. According to Boutross, he believes that in a relationship, both partners should contribute equally.

In his words, “A girl says I can’t date a broke man, then she comes to eat my hard-earned money? Let me look for a woman with priorities the same as me. There are people who like that; I prefer something else.” He emphasized the importance of a shared commitment to the relationship’s success.

Addressing the societal expectation that men should be providers, Boutross emphasized the need for reciprocity in relationships. While acknowledging the responsibility of a man to provide, he argued that women should also contribute, rejecting the notion of constantly avoiding financially challenged partners.

The ‘Angela’ singer clarified that his preference for a partner does not discriminate against financially challenged women. Instead, he is focused on building a powerful partnership with a woman of equal capacity and ambition. Boutross is committed to creating an empire together with a like-minded companion who shares his vision for success.

In a previous interview with Oga Obinna earlier in the year, Boutross disclosed his attraction to older women. However, he clarified that his preference is for mature women, specifying that he is not referring to those aged 30 or 45. This declaration provides insight into his personal choices while highlighting his commitment to finding a compatible partner for building a shared future.