Alice Wahome Tells Speaker Justin Muturi To Resign After Coronation.

Kandara Member of Parliament, Alice Wahome has asked Speaker Justin Muturi to resign the from his position after coronation as the Mt Kenya region’s Spokesperson.

Speaking in Murang’a, Wahome said that his new position will contradict his role as the National Assembly Speaker adding that his coronation has a hidden agenda and is politically motivated.

“The speaker cannot seclude himself to be the spokesperson for the Mt. Kenya region as this will counter his role at the national level,” she said.”

“This is definitely going to affect his work because he will be compelled to serve the interests of the people who have put him there whereas the speaker should be neutral,” Wahome added.

“I never attended any forum in which we discussed such an issue and this only means it was planned by a few people who are pushing their own interests,” she said.

Wahome told Muturi that the Kikuyus do not need a Spokesperson since President Kenyatta is still in office and considered as the Kingpin.

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