Akothee To Fly To Pakistan To See Husband Omondi

“I feel like I should visit Pakistan to see your in-laws,” Akothee confided in her fans, openly acknowledging her longing for Omosh.

The mother of five had been deeply hurt by Omosh in the past, but as of late, she has frequently been mentioning her Pakistani-Swiss ex-husband.

As the brand ambassador for Skyward Express, Akothee reached out to the airline, inquiring whether they could arrange a flight to Pakistan so she could reunite with Omondi.

“Najisikia nifike Pakistan kwa mashemeji wenu @skyward_express inaenda huko? I will be leaving Migori early in the morning at 6.30 am. Don’t miss out. How many hours to Pakistan? Maybe I’ll bring Michele back with me 🤣🤣🤣,” Akothee penned.

In another post, Akothee expressed her desire to share images of the pumpkins Omondi had personally planted on her farm in Rongo, Migori County.

While supervising a worker who was harvesting the pumpkins, Akothee mentioned that Omondi had brought the seeds from abroad and planted them himself.

“You know, those are the ones Omondi planted, and he brought them all the way from Switzerland. Let me take pictures to send to him,” Akothee told the worker as he worked on the pumpkin harvest.