Akothee explains why she will never visit 'Jaro', The First Man ever to “CHEW” her Rosecoco -

Akothee explains why she will never visit ‘Jaro’, The First Man ever to “CHEW” her Rosecoco

The photo shared by Akothee, a renowned singer from Kenya, featuring her French baby daddy, Markus Urs Meyer, has sparked a buzz among internet users. Akothee took to her social media accounts to express her pride in their co-parenting skills.

In her post, Akothee playfully stated, “When I become the President of Single Mothers, don’t question my co-parenting skills. We’ve come a long way with ups and downs, but we survived. Don’t imitate me blindly. Mrs. Omondi Schweizer.”

Currently, Akothee is enjoying quality time at Markus’s residence. Earlier, she shared a video of herself dancing and cleaning her baby daddy’s house. In the video’s caption, she humorously declared herself the “President of Single Mothers on the mix.”

One of her fans, Zebedy Odhiambo, commented on the post, urging Akothee to also visit the father of her first-born daughter, Vesha. However, Akothee responded angrily, questioning the need for a visit, as none of her children are under his care. She advised the commenter to think logically and not focus on trivial matters like baby daddy visits.

In another post, Akothee expressed her realization that parental responsibility is a lifelong commitment. She recounted a journey to visit her daughter’s new apartment, where she became emotional because her sons wanted to accompany her. Akothee also mentioned her regular phone calls to her two daughters, Vesha and Rue, in Kenya, which apparently makes her appear desperate or idol-like, as if she had left Africa to seek a better life in Europe only to face challenges.

Akothee then shared an incident where she made changes to her train schedule but forgot to inform her baby daddy. Consequently, he was waiting for her at the train station, leading to an argument over the phone. To resolve the situation, Akothee had to rush and catch the next bus to meet him and their children for dinner.

Recently, the singer traveled to France to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her partner, whom she affectionately calls ‘Omosh.’ Akothee expressed her appreciation for Omosh, emphasizing that he is the best among the rest and that her Valentine’s gift is on its way to him.