Simon Kabu Awards 3 Year Old super Genius Boy a Trip to Mombasa

Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu, has made headlines by awarding a three-year-old boy with an extraordinary talent for naming Governors and MPs a paid trip to Mombasa. Ethan wa Mercy Muthoni gained viral fame after a video of him showcasing his knowledge of Kenyan politicians went viral on social media.

The young boy’s ability to name the country’s leaders, along with their deputies, left Kenyans in awe. Impressed by Ethan’s exceptional talent and his dream of attending Harvard University, Simon Kabu made a heartfelt decision to treat Ethan and his mother, Mercy Muthoni, to a well-deserved vacation in Mombasa. This opportunity will not only allow Ethan to experience his first-ever plane ride but also provide him with unforgettable memories.

Additionally, Kabu pledged to support Ethan’s education by assisting with school fees and even offered to help secure a job for his mother. In a request to the speaker, Kabu also expressed his desire for Baby Ethan to visit Parliament and witness the leaders in action firsthand.

This heartwarming gesture by Simon Kabu highlights his genuine appreciation for young talent and his commitment to making dreams come true. It serves as an inspiring example of how influential figures can positively impact the lives of others, particularly children, and bring hope to their futures.