Forex Trader Sammy Boy orders Oga Obinna to Remove YouTube Interview, Reveals Reasons

Kenyan forex trader Sammy Boy has requested that YouTuber Oga Obinna remove an interview from his channel, citing feelings of exploitation and misrepresentation.

Sammy Boy, renowned for his forex trading expertise, felt that the interview did not accurately portray him and instead made him look foolish.

Explaining his decision, Sammy Boy stated, “I demanded my interview be pulled down because the nature of the interview didn’t favor me in any way.” He emphasized that interviews should focus on significant topics for the interviewee and provide value.

However, he felt that Oga Obinna’s approach involved sarcasm that belittled his responses.

“When I go to talk about that thing, and you make sarcasm out of it, making me look like a clown, unanifanya nakaa kama sijielwei,” he expressed, frustrated at being made to appear ignorant.

The forex trader was particularly critical of the interview’s lack of educational value and personal benefit.

He questioned how the interview benefited him if it only served to make him look foolish.

“How else is the interview benefiting me if you are making me look like a clown?” Sammy Boy asked, emphasizing that while Obinna may profit from the content, it did nothing to enhance his own reputation or provide any tangible benefit.

“You are making money out of it, but how am I gaining from that interview? If I am not gaining anything from that interview, I don’t need you to trash my name or to talk badly about my name,” he asserted.

Addressing future interviewers, Sammy Boy stressed the importance of respect and avoiding exploitation.

He noted that as someone who is “book smart,” it is crucial for interviewers to maintain a respectful and professional demeanor. “Usiniite kwa interview ukuje kuniaddress ni kama, I don’t know what I am saying in front of people, because give me respect; don’t make me look like a clown in front of people because some of us are book smart,” he advised.