2 brothers on the run after attacking their cheating mother’s boyfriend with panga; found Him on their father’s matrimonial bed

Police are currently in pursuit of two siblings suspected of attempting to murder their mother. Onenge Andrew and Opio Ivan, residents of Akaramai Village, allegedly assaulted their mother, Asikeit Melidah, upon discovering her infidelity to their father.

According to authorities, the incident occurred on March 20th when Onenge and Opio returned home around 10 pm to find their mother with her paramour, Omerikol Joseph, in their father’s residence. This discovery reportedly incited the siblings, as their father, Ogwang Isaac, a teacher, was absent from home due to work commitments.

Reports suggest that the brothers reacted violently to their mother’s perceived betrayal, arming themselves with machetes and launching a vicious assault on both her and her lover, inflicting severe injuries. The motive behind the attack was attributed to their mother’s act of adultery, which enraged the siblings.

Following the assault, the injured parties were promptly transported to Bukedea Health Centre IV for medical treatment, as detailed in a police report. Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police Spokesperson, strongly denounced the violent act, labeling it as a grave transgression.

Enanga emphasized the importance of respecting mothers under all circumstances and condemned the brothers’ failure to address their concerns through appropriate channels. He suggested that the siblings should have sought intervention from their father, community leaders, elders, women’s groups, religious institutions, and the Police Child and Family Protection Unit instead of resorting to violence.

Describing the attack as premeditated and driven by anger and resentment, Enanga confirmed that both Onenge and Opio are wanted for two counts of attempted murder.