Kitengela thieves drill hole at back of phone shop, steal Sh. 700,000 goods

Every successful heist requires a well thought out plan, much like in the movies. The robbers in this case emulated their favorite crime TV shows and drilled a hole through the back of a phone shop, successfully looting merchandise worth over Sh. 700,000. However, as with any heist, complications arose when they failed to turn off all the CCTV cameras.

The two men, who have yet to be caught, booked rooms at a lodging adjacent to the phone shop the day before the robbery. They spent almost 8 hours drilling through the wall separating the two rooms. At 5:06 am on Friday morning, CCTV footage captured them entering the shop through the drilled hole and stealing everything in sight before exiting at 6:20 am.

One of the suspects was seen switching off the CCTV cameras as they left, and the hole they drilled has since been covered up. The phone shop attendant, who opened her business an hour later, found all the shelves cleared and everything in disarray. The shop owner acknowledged that the heist was well calculated and that items such as new phone handsets, credit cards, earpods and cash were lost.

The owner of the lodging where the suspects booked rooms revealed that one of the prime suspects was a regular at the shop and always preferred room 106, which was adjacent to the phone shop. To add to the difficulty of the investigation, the robbers provided fake identification details and unreachable mobile numbers to the receptionist. The incident has been reported to the Kitengela Police Station and an investigation is ongoing.