” Mimi nilijua hii mazishi ya Chira wataiba pesa ya matanga ndio maana nilinunua sanduku na nikajitoa kwa hio mambo yao “:- KRG THE DON on BABA TALISHA

Tiktoker Baba Talisha has broken his silence amidst the ongoing swirl of speculation surrounding the death of Brian Chira.

Despite clear indications that the late Brian Chira passed away in a road accident, some TikTok users have emerged with various theories, attempting to attribute different causes to the accident.

Some have raised allegations suggesting that Baba Talisha, a TikToker who was at the forefront of organizing Brian Chira’s final journey, was somehow involved in his demise.

In a conversation with Mungai Eve, Baba Talisha spoke out, shedding light on the misinformation being propagated, possibly in an attempt to clarify the details regarding the funds he raised for Chira’s funeral. He even hinted that he may not have contributed a single cent.

“Many people on social media, especially TikTok, everyone has their opinions. So, I let them clash with their opinions; if they say we ate 8 million, I just accept it. If they call me a thief of funeral funds, I just accept it. I have no problem at all,” he said.

“I don’t like arguing with people these days, especially people who just talk. Someone like Truth Watchdog tries to question me about financial accountability, yet he himself didn’t contribute a single coin. He’s more focused on stories like ‘Chira was murdered’ or ‘Chira was shot.’ That’s not all the evidence; there are DCI offices, there are police stations.”

“He should present evidence there and say this person was murdered by so-and-so. Until he comes to say that I killed Brian Chira, you see. Then I’ll be shocked. It’s like he’s enjoying it because he sees Baba Talisha is the talk of the town now, that’s the way he can get views. Every day he hosts people on TikTok, talking about me and insulting me,” Baba Talisha explained.