Why Kamene Goro was fired from Kiss Fm -

Why Kamene Goro was fired from Kiss Fm

Kamene Goro’s departure from KISS FM has been attributed to her frequent absenteeism and a decline in the ratings of the KISS FM Breakfast Show. According to Radio Africa’s management, Kamene, who was earning a salary of over 500,000 shillings, failed to take steps to improve her show or address her consistent absences.

An insider revealed that Kamene had a habit of not showing up to work and would often provide excuses that were later disproven by her social media posts. The situation continued for some time before a disciplinary hearing was held to address the issue.

The source also mentioned that Kamene’s colleagues reported that she would text them an hour before her show, saying she would not be able to make it to work and request someone to fill in for her.

The decline in ratings for the show also played a role in Kamene’s departure. The show’s low ratings resulted in a lack of interest from corporate advertisers, despite Kamene’s high salary. The management determined that it was more cost-effective to let her contract expire and hire someone new.

Kamene will be presenting her final show at the station on January 27th, and her spot will be taken by Kwambox who recently left Standard Group’s Vybze Radio to join Radio Africa.