Pritty Vishy Hate At Stevo As Mulamwah, Eric Omondi Show Him Support

The content creator expressed her gratitude for leaving Stevo and redirected her energy towards improving her own life. She mentioned that if things had not gone sour between them, she could have been singing about Stevo’s troubles, criticizing his management and the situation. Pritty Vishy also acknowledged that it was not worth supporting a man who couldn’t stand up for himself. She learned the hard way that if a man cannot advocate for himself, it is not worth standing up for him. Instead, she advised using that energy to focus on oneself.

Furthermore, Pritty Vishy stated that Stevo was being assisted by his wife in communication because he lacked the ability to speak up for himself. She emphasized that it was astonishing that a 33-year-old man relied on a woman to speak on his behalf. Consequently, Pritty decided to distance herself from that situation.

Meanwhile, Stevo’s management, Men In Business (MIB), announced the termination of his contract. Although they did not provide specific reasons for their decision, they stated that the termination would take effect on July 31, 2023. MIB assured a smooth transition process, adhering to lawful procedures and protocols during the termination.

Despite these developments, Stevo Simple Boy received support from various individuals, including comedians Mulamwah and Eric Omondi. Mulamwah expressed his willingness to sign Stevo under his label, Mulamwah Entertainment, acknowledging his talent and the need for a better opportunity. Eric Omondi paid a visit to Stevo and his wife, providing them with various foodstuffs to assist them during this time.