University Student Narrates How He was Used, Dumped by Rich HIV-Positive Sugar Mummy

Life at university is not an easy one, especially when it comes to controlling your desire for money and material belongings. There’s a perception amongst campuses which tags lavish lifestyles to being successful and having ‘the world in your hands’…. CONTINUE READING

With that, students find themselves indulged in different means of getting their needs addressed without throwing the burden back to their parents at home. This, at most times, comes with a price.

On condition of anonymity, a Nairobi University student has opened up to this author about an ordeal in which he initially thought he would earn a sustainable living. Read the narration below:

Hello, I have something to share – kindly keep me anonymousI’m a student at Nairobi university, and I’m living a life of regrets. I’m 23 years and I joined campus two years back, and there are many times i was introduced into this “sugar mummy” stuff with my pal. He took me to Fame Lounge where I hooked up a slim-thick single mama. She was 46 at the time, and things were going all good and she was a bedroom freak.

Sex was cool and she rented me a well-furnished 2 bedroom-house with a living room which made me feel good even my boys were envious of me. In the past this lady would come from work on Friday, she was always chilling at this house over the weekend until Monday and you will know all this time she will stick all through and we chill around.

During these times over the weekend, she had someone care-taking her children. I found out from her phone messages. I didn’t mind at that time.

Throughout this time, our sex life was great, which started with protection. With time she said she didn’t feel the “sweetness” with the condom and she would always use the phrase “lets tear each other apart” to ask for unprotected sex, she made me feel secure under her care and I felt like there no worries since money was not an issue.

You see, after something like 8 months, I started to feel unusual itching, my body was not fit for some time. I thought maybe it was just fatigue of lectures and all that. After it had persisted for a while, one day morning, I decided to go for medical test. It’s then my life starting hanging on the line. As I awaited my results, the nurse who had been assigned for the sample came back to me holding a pile of papers and pitiful eyes. She sat me down and started breaking down the shocking results from my blood samples which turned HIV positive.

That revelation ate me up and stressed me out; I called one of my friends and asked whether he could host me for a few days. It’s there where I went to seek comfort and thought through my life. This sugar mummy tried calling me several times after I had ghosted her for some time, I didn’t answer or return any of her messages. Engulfed in depression and fear for my life, I built a little confidence and asked to meet her.

When we met, I confronted her about the matter and how she didn’t tell me she was sick, she jumped a hundred feet at me and said that I was the one who f**ed around and I told her to go to hell. I was a bit teary at that moment, and then I guess she felt a little pity for me then and she told me to put myself together and we could work it through. She then promised to continue helping me with my struggles.

But as time went on, I began to realize that I was just a temporary distraction for her. She was never really interested in me as a person, just in the attention and validation I provided. Eventually, she grew tired of me and moved on and always claimed to be busy.

I just let her be. I was left feeling used and empty, realizing that I had given up my dignity and self-respect for a few fleeting moments of luxury. The stress has had the best of me. To this day, my parents have no idea of what’s going on. I am afraid of opening up to them. I’ve decided to share my story with you so you can share with the world out there especially University students who may be chasing quick wealth. I was thrilled to have found someone who could help me with my expenses while I focused on my studies, but it has turned out all for nothing.