DJ Fatxo thirsting on Sabina Chege

Kikuyu-based artist, DJ, has firmly denied the allegations suggesting that he was once involved in a romantic relationship with lawmaker Sabina Chege.

During an interview with Hot 96, conducted by Jeff Koinange, the former KU TV DJ confidently dismissed the rumors, asserting that they are nothing more than baseless speculations.

The genesis of these rumors, as he explained, can be traced back to the time when he purchased a new Mercedes Benz. Misguided individuals propagated the unfounded claim that Sabina Chege had gifted him the luxurious car, sparking the gossip about their supposed relationship.

Expressing his frustration, the singer emphasized that the music industry has been negatively impacted by such unfounded rumors. He observed that some artists resort to spreading falsehoods about their peers to tarnish their reputation and bring them down.

Nevertheless, the artist made a noteworthy statement, indicating that he wouldn’t necessarily oppose the idea of dating the politician in question. Playfully, he expressed his admiration, referring to Sabina as “mali safi,” a term of endearment in Kikuyu culture.