“Nimelala na mwanaume moja tu kwa maisha yangu yote” – Zuchu opens up -

“Nimelala na mwanaume moja tu kwa maisha yangu yote” – Zuchu opens up

Zuchu, the talented female musician from Tanzania, recently made a candid revelation about her deep affection for Diamond Platnumz during a spontaneous interview with a reporter from Wasafi Media.

In a video clip that caught the attention of this author, Zuchu, known for her hit song “Honey,” was presented with a rather direct written question: “Ni wanawake wangapi au wanaume wangapi umewahi kulala na kimapenzi?” (How many women or men have you ever slept with?) Her response was refreshingly straightforward. She didn’t evade the question but rather answered with a sense of openness and affection, saying, “Mmoja tu…Peke yake” (Only one…just one), followed by a warm embrace with Diamond.

In a playful turn, Zuchu inquired of the reporter, “Wewe unajua boyfriend wangu gani? Kwenye industry, ndani na Nje?” (Do you know who my boyfriend is? Inside and outside the industry?) She then shared another affectionate moment, affirming, “My one and only,” while Diamond reciprocated with a heartfelt smile, clearly echoing her sentiments.

Their affection for each other has not been confined to private moments; the couple has been known to publicly share their love, frequently engaging in public displays of affection on various social media platforms throughout their relationship.

However, a recent incident caused a stir in their relationship. Zuchu, reacting to a video of Diamond Platnumz kissing Ghanaian singer Fantana on the reality show “Young, Famous And African,” reportedly expressed her discontent in a way that attracted attention. In a candid statement to Wasafi FM, she confirmed the incident, saying, “Yeah, it happened. I was so angry. He crossed the boundaries; those are not things we do on TV. I was hurt.”

It’s worth noting that despite the upheaval this incident caused, Zuchu maintained her trust in Diamond, refuting claims that her management reduced her pay to compensate for any damages incurred. She expressed confidence in her boss and lover, stating, “Kulipishwa hapana, I think my boss is better than that” (I wasn’t charged; I believe my boss is better than that).

In conclusion, Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz’s relationship is filled with both affectionate moments and occasional challenges, but their bond remains strong, with Zuchu openly expressing her deep love and trust in her partner.