“Tunatumia 30K kila siku”: Diana Marua house maid reveal their daily expenditure

Diana Marua, a well-known brand influencer and content creator, is highly regarded for her exceptional relationship with her nannies.

In her numerous shared videos, she treats her nannies as part of her family and ensures that there is no discrimination among them.

Recently, Diana engaged in a conversation with her nannies about the amount of time they spend in the house each day, which she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

She expressed her concern regarding her nannies’ daily requests for no less than Ksh 10k to cover expenses for food and other basic necessities.

Curious about the breakdown of their expenses, Diana asked them to elaborate on how the money was being spent. Irene, the head house manager, explained that due to the size of the house, a significant amount was required.

According to Irene, when combining the costs of food, detergent, water, electricity, and other essentials, the daily expenditure amounted to approximately Ksh 30k.

Diana candidly acknowledged the situation, saying, “By the way, Mama Heaven, I cannot lie to you. This house is large, and considering all the beauty it entails, you deserve the best treatment. To be honest, we spend around Ksh 30k per day in this house.”

She further expressed her gratitude towards her fans for consuming her content, which enables her to earn substantial amounts of money.

Bahati, a musician-turned-politician, has been happily married to upcoming singer Diana Marua for almost seven years.

The couple, residing in their recently acquired mansion, has four children—two biological, one adopted, and one from Bahati’s previous relationship.

Diana employs two house helps, Irene Nekesa and Josephine Kinuche, who are prominently featured on her social media platforms.

Irene has been working with the Bahatis for a longer period compared to Josephine, and their dedicated work has resulted in a handsome monthly salary.

However, during an interview with NTV, Irene revealed that she earns up to Ksh 100k per month, which some Kenyans found hard to believe.

Many argued that such a salary is uncommon for most individuals in white-collar jobs, casting doubts on Irene’s claims.

Irene emphasized, “I have been with them (the Bahatis) for years, and I attribute 90% of my success to the love they have shown me. They are exceptional people… living with them has taught me how to make money. Another employer would not have allowed me to reach where I am today.”

Both Irene and Josephine have children and celebrate their birthdays by showering them with love and affection.

Diana graciously permits her nannies’ children to visit them in Nairobi. Not long ago, Josephine’s daughter came to the city and spent a few days with her mother before returning to western Kenya.

While their own children reside in the countryside with their parents, Diana and her husband ensure that Irene and Josephine’s children are cared for and cherished.