” Tafta Kazi , Unakaa Kwa Nyumba Tu Watu Waende Job Wakupee Gifts ” Kenyan Bash Tizian.

Famed TikTok personality Tizian Savage recently stirred up a storm among Kenyan netizens when he decided to unveil his daily routine. During a live session on TikTok, Tizian Savage vented his frustrations about the challenges he faces in securing a suitable living space where he can conduct his live broadcasts without disturbing neighbors.

He recounted his struggles in finding an apartment that accommodates his energetic live performances without causing disturbances to those around him. Tizian Savage admitted to relocating three times due to complaints from neighbors about his loud shouting during live sessions, especially when soliciting gifts from viewers.

However, he expressed relief in finally discovering a residence where he can freely express himself without hindrance. He revealed his tendency to stay indoors and operate from home, citing minimal outings to avoid disruptions from outside sources.

Tizian Savage’s revelations drew mixed reactions from the online community, with many questioning the validity of labeling TikTok activities as “work.” Some critics dismissed his claims, suggesting that his actions were merely soliciting money under the guise of work. Others advised him to seek conventional employment instead of relying on TikTok for income.

Here are a few reactions from netizens:

@trizakare13: So, you just sit at home, waiting for employed folks to send you gifts? Mind-boggling. Get a grip.

@African woman: Is that your idea of a job? Or is your job just tapping on a screen all day?

@Adaka123: TikTok as a job, really? We wake up to hustle, while they expect us to tune in to their lives.

@lilianteshi5: We work hard during the day, only to see TikTokers living it up in the evenings.