TikToker Nyako Officially Introduces Her Mzungu Mubaba Lover

TikTok sensation Nyako delighted her followers by introducing her German boyfriend to her online fans. In a video capturing their quality time together, she expressed her joy and revealed that her heart belonged to him. Nyako clarified that despite the assumptions that she was single, she was, in fact, in a committed relationship and eagerly shared this news with her fans.

“Wale wanasema niko single, huyu ni nani. This man has won my heart. He is my German love, and I am so happy since he came into my life,” Nyako stated.

The video elicited a range of reactions, with many congratulating Nyako on finding love in Germany. However, some expressed skepticism about the longevity of the relationship, attributing it to Nyako’s outspoken nature.

This development closely follows Nyako’s critique of the viral nanny Rosie for her decision to return to Lebanon. Nyako pointed out that Rosie, already being famous, had a greater opportunity to explore various possibilities and questioned her choice to go back.

“It’s very disheartening to see Rosie returning to Lebanon. Why would she go back to work as a maid when she had a better chance to become a celebrity here in Kenya? Believe me, if she had opened a YouTube channel or a TikTok account, she could have achieved much more. She would have earned three times the amount she gets working as a maid. I am speechless seeing her make such a foolish decision,” Nyako stated.