Oga Obinna Shares the Challenges of Finding a Good House Manager, “Huyu Amepika Chapati Mabati.”

Kenyan comedian and media personality Oga Obinna recently opened up about the persistent challenges he has encountered while searching for a reliable house manager. His frustration reached a tipping point when he contemplated terminating the services of his sixth house manager within a mere four days, primarily due to her inability to prepare chapati to his satisfaction.

Taking to Instagram, Oga Obinna candidly shared his culinary expectations and the ongoing difficulties he faces in securing a dependable house manager. He even entertained the idea of paying the current manager in full and parting ways, expressing doubt about their consistent ability to meet his culinary standards.

“Huyu naona hizi 4 days amefanya iko sawa, alipwe full salary na awache tu coz sioni tukitoboa!! I’ve changed about 5 house managers in a span of 2 months. Why? Hawajui kupika,” lamented the father of four.

Oga Obinna expressed frustration with the recurring issue of promising candidates boasting about their cooking expertise but failing to live up to his standards when put to the test.

“They all say we can cook and bake and blah blah blah…ikifika jikoni mwingine anakoroga samaki,” he explained.

In addition to culinary concerns, Oga Obinna disclosed previous incidents with house managers that exposed their flaws, such as one manager hitting his child with an iron box.

“Mwenye alienda on 23rd – Lazy and Slow na Kupika noma na akipiga mtoto pasi kwa forehead (I also donno how it happened) Before her- Food Noma, Before her – Usafi Noma, Before her – Korean Movies Whole day, Before her – Kichwa Ngumu, Before her – Kugombanisha watoto.”